Quintessential Chocolates

Specialty Food & Beverage
Business Estd. 1998
In June 1998, she moved her chocolate company from Washington State to Fredericksburg. Lecia is the only chocolatier in the nation to produce liquid center chocolates filled with spirits, wines, non-alcohols, even cocktails, a unique twist on a centuries’ old European process.
Lecia Duke

Gillespie Air Services

Aviation Maintenance
Business Estd. 1996
In 1996, David and Beverly Smith opened Gillespie Air Services, the sole Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) at the Gillespie County Airport. The company’s facilities include professional flight support services, fuel, business aircraft storage hangars and a car rental service.
David Smith

Heartland Enterprises

Metal Fabrication & Machinery
Business Estd. 1986
Leaving corporate America, Dave found himself at Heartland Enterprises, a Fredericksburg company founded in 1986. Dave purchased the company in 1997 and has been here ever since. Heartland specializes in the production machining of large parts, in a variety of materials. The company has skilled, company-trained employees who are happy to make Heartland a career.
Dave Campbell

Grape Creek Vineyards

Agriculture & Tourism
Business Estd. 2006
Brian Heath purchased Grape Creek Vineyards from the founder’s heirs in 2006. Since then, the wine production has grown ten-fold, largely due to Gillespie County’s thriving wine industry. Grape Creek now has three locations, and is one of the largest wineries in the State.
Brian Heath