Quintessential Chocolates

Lecia Duke was a young architect who, after considerable soul-searching, decided the profession wasn’t for her. So she began confectionery training.  She credits divine intervention with bringing her to Fredericksburg: on a trip to visit Texas relatives she passed through town and knew it was where she was meant to be.  Five months later, in June 1998, she moved her chocolate company from Washington State to Fredericksburg. Lecia is the only chocolatier in the nation to produce liquid center chocolates filled with spirits, wines, non-alcohols, even cocktails, a unique twist on a centuries’ old European process.  “I value the quality of life that comes with living in Fredericksburg; being able to design our life first, with work second.  We live in the country and share our land with peacock, quail, wolves and buffalo.”  Lecia adds, “What I love most about doing business here are the people – Fredericksburg is a small town with a big attitude!  People come here for the American Dream, and develop a fierce desire to maintain it. The minute I arrived I felt the town’s personality – creative, kid-friendly, family oriented – and I felt right at home.”