Metal Fabrication & Machinery


Specialty machine shops have become healthy working environments due to computer-controlled machines. They are versatile businesses that create intermediate and finished products, as well as welding and assembly jobs. The variety of offerings attracts a wide range of employees, including highly trained technicians and skilled workers.


  • Heartland Enterprises, Ltd.
  • Kager Industries
  • Nytex Automatic Products, Inc.
  • Quantum Components, Ltd.
  • Sauer Machining Company, LLC
  • SRM Manufacturing Co.
  • Swissomation

Heartland Enterprises

Metal Fabrication & Machinery
Business Estd. 1986
Leaving corporate America, Dave found himself at Heartland Enterprises, a Fredericksburg company founded in 1986. Dave purchased the company in 1997 and has been here ever since. Heartland specializes in the production machining of large parts, in a variety of materials. The company has skilled, company-trained employees who are happy to make Heartland a career.
Dave Campbell