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Agri-tourism is quickly becoming a large part of the Texas Tourism industry and offers abundant opportunity for the entrepreneur. Visitors come to Gillespie County each year to see, experience and participate in farm and ranch activities. Tourist-related businesses, including wineries, bed and breakfasts, restaurants and tour companies represent exciting possibilities.

The Texas wine industry has gained a steady and well-deserved following that grows bigger each year."

Gillespie County produces much of the produce grown in Texas, including 40% of all the state’s peaches, and the Texas wine industry has gained a steady and well-deserved following that grows bigger each year. A bustling tourist area also requires many ancillary businesses and support services – fertile ground, if you will, for imagination.


With our fast-growing “growing” industry, opportunities abound in the areas of agricultural research and technology. Among them aeration systems to avoid freeze damage to crops, water conserving irrigation systems, and soil conserving techniques. And, with scarcer water resources and an expanding population, rainwater collection systems represent a dramatic growth opportunity. Advances in these areas assist local growers, and can be marketed nationally and even internationally.


  • Agarita Creek Farms
  • Agritech Research, LLC
  • Becker Vineyards and Lavender Farm
  • Grape Creek Vineyards
  • Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Viticulture and Fruit Lab
  • Vogel Orchard
  • Wildseed Farms

Grape Creek Vineyards

Agriculture & Tourism
Business Estd. 2006
Brian Heath purchased Grape Creek Vineyards from the founder’s heirs in 2006. Since then, the wine production has grown ten-fold, largely due to Gillespie County’s thriving wine industry. Grape Creek now has three locations, and is one of the largest wineries in the State.
Brian Heath