18 Amazing Hidden Travel Gems in the United States

By Jessica Wei

Much has been made about the sheer diversity of the land in the United States, but few ever really venture wide enough to get the full extent of it. Island towns, jagged mountains, craggy canyons, shimmering coasts and a rainbow of different tree types are all sitting pretty on one chunk of North America. And with all of the unique aspects of each state come its own scope on history – some areas were settled by the Germans which indelibly mark a distinct Bavarian architectural sensibility; some by the Spanish and now boast an otherworldly culinary style. Some are simply all-American and have buildings left over from the War of Independence and have witnessed the march of progress and of presidents. Most are not often the go-to destinations for tourists, as evidenced by the distinct lack of blocks oppressively packed with long concrete towers or luxury hotel chains or celebrity chef restaurants. All are worth a stop, if not a true arrival and a wander around. So for true wilderness excitement and a totally different perspective on the story of America, check out these 18 hidden travel gems in the United States.

#1 Fredericksburg, Texas

To get a sense for the origins of Fredericksburg, all you have to do is stroll down Main Street. Droves of German immigrants moved to Central Texas in the 1830s, bringing their culture, architecture, food, and, significantly, drink: not only did they build beer gardens, several of which remain today, but they also planted the grape seeds that resulted in the dozens of vineyards in the Texas Hill Country. The gourmet scene in Fredericksburg is also surprisingly world-class – locals flock to Hondo’s for their doughnut burgers, jalapeno margaritas and regular live music.

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