Area Information

In Fredericksburg, streets are charming and clean, crime is low to non-existent, schools are excellent, and a vibrant tourism-fueled retail sector provides amenities to visitors and residents alike. Typically, people come for the unparalleled outdoor activities or a romantic weekend and decide to stay: for the lifestyle, and because they find they can grow successful businesses, fueled by a constant and international stream of prosperous, educated patrons. Gillespie County has experienced solid economic growth and development; it is little wonder many communities look to Fredericksburg and Gillespie County as role models for success.

Agri-tourism is quickly becoming a large part of the Texas Tourism industry and offers abundant opportunity for the entrepreneur. Gillespie County produces much of the produce grown in Texas, including 40% of all the state’s peaches, and the Texas wine industry has gained a steady and well-deserved following that grows bigger each year. A bustling tourist area also requires many ancillary businesses and support services – fertile ground, if you will, for imagination. And Gillespie County represents a prime opportunity for residential development.