Insight Gallery

David’s career with a large corporate consulting firm took them around the State.  The couple lived in Houston, Austin and Dallas before moving to Meredith’s hometown of Fredericksburg in 2005.  Meredith, whose maiden name is Gillespie, is a descendant of Ranger Capt. R.A. Gillespie, the County’s namesake.

In 2009, the couple opened InSight Gallery, a fine art gallery on Main Street in downtown Fredericksburg.  In spite of opening during a rough national economic downturn, the business has been tremendously successful, experiencing growth of over 50 percent each year with no signs of slowing down.  “When we research other art destinations, we’re certain that Fredericksburg is the next great one in the U.S.  The demographics of the town, the ability to draw tourists, and the growing art community are similar to the evolution of towns like Santa Fe and Jackson Hole.  We believe Fredericksburg will be a force on the national art scene for decades to come.”

David and Meredith credit the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce, the Fredericksburg Convention & Visitor Bureau and the Gillespie County Economic Development Commission for doing everything right for the businesses and the visitors they are helping to draw here.

“We value the atmosphere of individualism and hard work.  Not everyone chooses to live in a small town but those who live here have an entrepreneurial spirit and are firmly connected to the community through their schools, churches and community groups.  We have two children in elementary school and are so grateful we can raise them in a wholesome environment where we all can thrive.”